Quasiparticle Dynamics in Epitaxial Al – In As Planar Josephson Junctions

Using locally injected and thermal quasiparticles, we study QP loss and QP poisoning in epitaxial Al-InAs Josephson junctions incorporated in a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) galvanically shorting a superconducting resonator to ground. We observe changes in the resonance lineshape and frequency shifts consistent with QP trapping into and clearing out of the ABSs of the junctions when the junctions are phase-biased. By monitoring the QP trapping and clearing mechanisms in time, we find a time-scale of O(1 µs) for these QP dynamics, consistent with the presence of phonon-mediated QP-QP interactions.

PRX Quantum 4, 030339 – Published 22 September 2023


Read the full article at: https://journals.aps.org/prxquantum/abstract/10.1103/PRXQuantum.4.030339